A 3D Printed Siphon on Shapeways

(Shapeways) Wave is a 3D printable toy on Shapeways that transfers liquid using the physics of a siphon. Wave is printed in White Strong & Flexible, a white nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel. Wave was designed by Egant and sells for $12.  It’s not for drinking since the plastics used are not safe for drinking.

3Ders.org explains the science of a siphon: Using a siphon is an easy way to move liquid from place to place without using a pump. It relies on the assumption that the liquid you want to move is higher than the location you’re moving it to. So how does a siphon really work? Due to gravitational pull, water falls down from an elevated area and is discharged at a level lower than the surface of the reservoir.