AirWolf 3D Trains Teachers to Assemble & Use 3D Printers in Classrooms

(AirWolf 3D blog) More than 18 teachers from Orange County educational institutions that range from junior high schools to community colleges participated in Build Day in late December. Each teacher built a 3D printer for their respective classroom. Then they learned how to operate the printers.
Training was provided by Erick Wolf of Airwolf 3D, designer and manufacturer of precision 3D printers in Costa Mesa.

Each teacher was assigned a work station and an Airwolf Kit — a box of more than 500 parts that comprised each Airwolf XL printer. Their kits also contained a set of tools and assembly and user manuals. Over the course of the next eight hours the teachers learned how to assemble the stationary frame, build the moving parts, and install and calibrate the electronics. Their first prints ranged from small vases to toy rockets. By the end of the day, 3D printers were ready to be pressed into service for student education.