DIY Moss Robots Anyone Can Make

(Mail Online) The Moss robot kit sounds like the perfect toy. It’s a robot that you can not only control with your smartphone, but also design and build into any shape you want. And you don’t need to know computer code, advanced robotics or electrical engineering to get started. In fact, all that’s required is the ability to match up colors, a little imagination and $59.

Moss modular robots come as individual cubes that are designed to snap together. The cubes have color-coded connecting faces to help users tell how each piece needs to be joined up for the blocks’ various functions to work. A Bluetooth module can also be attached so the customized robot can be controlled using a smartphone or tablet. Other modules allow users to include additional power, motion and sensing capabilities.

The Moss website features other creations, such as a robotic card shuffler and a robotic toilet paper dispenser.