Forge Brings 3D Printing Revolution to Jacksonville

(Jacksonville Business Journal) Part artisan workshop, part think tank/test lab, Forge is Jacksonville’s answer to the blacksmith on the village green, but powered by a lot more technology. The studio is the only one of its kind in the city: a custom 3-D print shop that puts the power of personal manufacturing in the hands of everyday consumers. Forge can cast virtually exact replicas and prototypes of almost any object or tool, in materials from gold to plastic, chocolate to porcelain.

“This is my fire and brimstone — just all geeked out,” says Bryce Pfanenstiel, one half of the two-man operation behind Forge.
Over the past six months, Forge has gotten all kinds of requests, many of which the founders cannot talk about due to the non-disclosure agreement many customers demand. They’ve printed jewelry, personalized Buddhas, Christmas ornaments, trophies, photographs, old car parts, a latch to a vintage refrigerator — and are working on a prosthetic foot for a cat.

(Photo: Taka Hamada, Jacksonville Business Journal)