Icepop Generator Will Create Personalized Popsicles

( The Icepop Generator is a concept machine by MELT icepops– which is a small start-up in Amsterdam that designs and produces personalized ice pops. The group is interested in developing new forms, flavors and production techniques. The Icepop Generator is a CNC machine which will function as a sort of mechanical sculptor. It operates using a sort of drill which travels back and forth across three axises. A design is then carved out of a block of material. In the case of the Icepop Generator, the CNC machine will be built in a freezer with a fourth axis which turns the ice. A block of ice on a stick is processed in the machine which reveals the desired form. The machine itself has a partial glass freezer so that it is possible for people to view the process in real time.
Click here to view the project on Dutch funding platform Voordedunst.