InMoov, a Humanoid Robot You Can Download, 3D Print and Animate

(InMoov Blog) InMoov is billed as the first life-size humanoid robot you can 3D print and animate. Gaël Langevin has put together a free, fully functional, open source, 3D printed robot. You can actually download most of the parts to construct this robot yourself off of Gaël’s website. Click here to download.

The robot project started when Gaël was contracted to make a modern-looking prosthetic hand for a commercial photo shoot. Because he had recently acquired a Touch FDM 3D Printer from Bits from Bytes, he thought he’d try to see how realistic a hand his new 3D printer could create. The film shoot job was eventually canceled, but Gaël was still left with the idea of printing the limb. After successfully accomplishing that task, he decided to incorporate servos and an Arduino to yield a programmable, electronic hand. The robotic hand was such a resounding success that it could press keys on a keyboard and cause the individual fingers to move at varying speeds. The whole project has gone from a simple hand replica to a torso, arms, and head.