Lasersaber Creates 3D-Printed Electrostatic Motor

(lasersaber) Lasersaber has 3D printed an electrostatic motor that needs no batteries, alternating between current electric power and solar cells. Compared to normal motors, electrostatic motors are extremely lightweight and use inexpensive materials. Unlike most electrostatic motors, Lasersaber’s electrostatic motor actually has some high torque. The motor was entirely 3D printed, except for the drive shaft, bearings and aluminum tubes.

Normal motors are driven by electromagnetic forces. An electrostatic motor can be turned by the kind of electricity generated by wearing nylon clothes. It is a little-known fact that there is a tiny charge flowing between the sky and the surface of the earth. A motor could be run from atmospheric static with a high enough antenna. A tall antenna is insulated from the earth and is used to intercept the vertical current and develop a high voltage to drive the motor.