Poland’s Zortrax 3D Printer Achieves Kickstarter Success

( The Zortrax M200 is a $1,899 3D printer made in Poland. The company behind the Zortrax, Gadgets3D launched the Zortrax M200 on Kickstarter and reached their goal on June 21, 2013. On December 31, 2013 Gadgets3D announced that the printers were shipped to all of their 80 backers and they have received positive feedback from their first users.
According to the team, the printers were also shipped with additional features such as a specially designed extruder with three heating points and auto-calibration of the build platform. The included Z-Suite Software has an advanced script to generate an optimized structure support material. The support structure is printed from the same extruding unit and doesn’t require the use of additional materials. In addition, with the new modifications the layer precision is improved. “A model printed with 200 microns resolution can look like one printed with 50 microns on other 3D printers. The result is the same, but the model is printed twice as fast.” says Zortrax CEO RafaƂ Tomasiak.