The Favorite New Devices at CES

(LA Times) The Los Angeles Times tech team tried out dozens of devices and 3D gadgets that allegedly improve your life in one way or another at this week’s CES. They narrowed down their list of devices to the useful, the practical and the fun. Their favorite devices are:
1) The 3D Doodler, the world’s first 3D printing pen;
2) Double Robotics, the robot is used for telecommuting from anywhere when you need to be two places at once and connects to any iOS device;
3) Hoyes ID, scans your iris and instantly allows you access to your phone, apps and favorite websites;
4) Jamstik, a midi guitar and controller in one;
5) Up24 follows you around 24 hours a day, the bracelet and corresponding app track your meals, your movement, your sleep and even your mood.