The First Dash DIY Robot Kits Already Sold Out

(Dash Robotics) Dash Robotics in Berkeley is revolutionizing robots by making them fun and accessible to everyone. Their first robot, named Dash, comes in a robot kit  perfect for the budding engineer, hobbyist, or kid looking to explore the exciting world of robots.

Dash is the world’s first lightning-fast origami robot that you can build yourself. Our animal-inspired design allows us to offer a fun, high performance robot at a price never before possible. It’s a great educational tool for kids that want to get an early start in robotics, engineering, and biology, as well as a great platform for makers that want to dig in and explore the possibilities of a new paradigm in robotics. Dash has legs and can run over all sorts of terrain, including rocks and gravel. And he is so tough that you can run him off of tables and he just keeps going.

One thousand Dashes were crowd-funded on Dragon and the company sold out of the kits. Join the wait list today and reserve your spot in line! Dash Robotics will let you know when they are doing the second production run of Dash so you can come back and order yours. The Dash kit will cost $69.99.