The Year of Wearable Electronics

(Adafruit YouTube) As this is the Year of Wearable Electronics, now night be a good time to join the longest running wearable electronics show on the Internet. A new “Wearable Electronics with Becky Stern” debuts on every Wednesday on YouTube. The stars of the show will answer your questions, announce a discount code for the Adafruit store, and explore wearable components, techniques, special materials, and projects that you can then build at home! If your question is featured in an episode, you’ll be entered to win the show giveaway!

This week Becky showed an electronic skirt she made for her seven year old niece for Christmas. She used pieces of pixel strips and the skirt sparkles while the child turns. Be certain to stay with the video program and see the mouth of a saxaphone light up with neo-pixels. The two moderators joked and called this the segment the “Neo-Pixel Hour.” However, the showstealer was the video roundup showing the top electronics wearables of 2013.

Stay tuned for next week when the program shows off wearable 3D projects with flexible materials.